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Training Session – Thurs, Dec 6th

December 7, 2007

What we did:

10 min warm up. Heavy stretching.


  • 20 count strikes – open (any strike or combo) 2x
  • Jab/cross – alive drill – 1 min (movement at reg speed)
  • Target Practice – alive drill – 2 min (movement at reg speed)


  • Review of all submissions (leg, armbars, shoulder locks) once for each side
  • Review of guard passes – open (any pass) 3x
  • Pass guard drill – alive 30% – 2 min, top guard changes after 1 min – pass guard, reset
  • Alive drill 50% – starting from the guard, submissions ok – 3 min

Thoughts on training:

Somehow this session felt better than the previous one. Perhaps it was because I was press for time – we could only train for an hour – and we did everything machine gun style. Or maybe because I knew exactly what I wanted everyone to train in but still included them in choosing what they wanted to focus on. Or maybe because I did things “alive”. In anycase, this bears a closer inspection.

Also my friends enjoyed themselves. We all pushed each other hard. And at the end of the session I took notice of what they did really well and encouraged them to do better in areas I pointed out. That I really enjoyed. Sure rolling at 50% was good, better than limiting myself at 30%. But I paid attention to how they were rolling and took note of that and discussed it with them and I saw the gears turn in their heads and their nods afterwards… it made me excited. Like they were getting it and I couldn’t wait for our next session.

I should also point out, that when I rolled with them I really didn’t care what happened. I got tapped twice (I really wanted to tap more). They all passed my guard and secured positions of advantage. But I didn’t care. I saw openings for submissions, but didn’t act on them (next time I will though, otherwise I’m not doing service to their training if I don’t). I asserted myself twice, once with each friend. And when I saw them in a position to recover (and they did) I let them take over.

And despite getting smashed and stacked on my head, I had lots of fun.

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