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Knee Naked Choke

December 13, 2007

I choke out my knee.

I got that from Eddie Bravo. I watched a clip of him explaining the importance of the squeeze.

The squeeze is the power your arms apply for a rear naked choke (I know that’s not the correct way to execute it but bare with me). The story goes that as a purple belt Eddie was talking with a blue belt who was tired of BJJ. The blue belt was saying BJJ had no power. Afterward he gave his neck up and let Eddie try to submit him with a rear naked. Eddie tried but couldn’t finish. And it got Eddie thinking… so Eddie trained his squeeze, met up with the blue belt and asked to try the rear naked again. This time Eddie choked the blue belt out.

Now if you think that it isn’t possible to sink in a rear naked choke and NOT finish, I submit to you episode eight of this year’s season six of the Ultimate Fighter. Jon Koppenhaver vs Tommy Speer. Jon had Tommy’s back. He had the rear naked sunk in BUT he didn’t finish.

Anyway, this training technique is simple enough to do. Basically, all you do is sit with one leg up and perform a rear naked choke on the top of your knee. I do ten slow crushing chokes followed by ten chokes done as fast as I can. And both arms are done. It looks weird, but I do it. And it beats trying to find a partner to choke out.

Cause, as all BJJ practitioners know, nobody likes to be choked out.

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