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upcoming week schedule Dec 17 – 23

December 16, 2007

Monday – Indoor Conditioning
Tuesday – Training Session (takedowns/groundwork)
Wednesday – Gym mini-workout
Thursday – Training Session (review/sparring)
Friday – rest
Saturday – Sequential Fatigue Challenge (if sunny)
Sunday – Training Session (MMA)

When I workout I don’t give it much thought, meaning I don’t go in with so much more a plan than an idea. I kinda wing it. But I write it all down so know what I did previously and I try not to repeat the exercises but focus on the area I want to train.

Also I’ve been neglecting my strength training. Back in the summer I used to push my car up and down a parking lot, pick up spare tires and flip them, pick up rocks and throw them – you know, basic caveman training. But now it’s cold and I don’t like working out outside. I need to do more dumbbell snatches, cleans and presses in my town gym. I don’t like using the weight machines too much because they’re machines and there’s limited mobility when dealing with machines.

Anyway, I wanted to draw attention to Saturday’s schedule, the Sequential Fatigue Challenge. I took that directly from Ross Enamait’s site. He has a wealth of knowledge concerning strength and conditioning training and just good tips for for everyone to be physically fit. From what I’ve read Ross seems to be a guy who genuinely wants others to achieve their best, and he’s extremely positive and motivational. I highly recommend giving his site a look if you haven’t heard of him.

I started the Sequential Fatigue Challenge in the beginning of November. The Challenge consists of a circuit of exercises – 10 burpees, 50 meter sprint, 10 pylo push ups, jog back to starting point, 15 diamond push ups, 50 meter sprint, 10 knee tucks, and jog back to starting point – all done as fast as possible. Ross recommends 5 circuits. I only do 3. I had to work up to it actually. Starting with aerobic training (I swam a lot), then I move up to jogging and sprinting, and then I finally added in burpees. However I had to train for the burpees too.

And that’s the main thing I wanted to point out; burpees.

Burpees are an incredible full body conditioning exercise. The first time I did them I only went up to eight. I can easily get up past 20 now, but after that it doesn’t look like I’m jumping very high.

Burpees are what I did when I couldn’t get to the gym to swim. They’re highly convenient because you can do them anywhere. The difficultly can be easily changed as well. Add a push up, hold dumbbells, wear a weighted vest, hold a medicine ball, add them to any workout. I used to do ten burpees, ten pylo push ups and ten medicine ball slams as one circuit and do that circuit three more times at the end of a workout. I’m usually spent by then.

I could go on and on about how beneficial burpees are but you’re more than welcome to visit Ross’s site and hear it from the man himself. And everything Ross suggests he has already done himself – a true “walk the walk” man.

As for the Sequential Fatigue Challenge I’ve only done 3 circuits with a time of 8’16” (I should move up to 4 circuits) but I plan on video taping myself and posting it here. That way people don’t assume that I’m a keyboard-athlete. But before that, I plan on taking photos of my next training session and posting those up. And maybe make a video clip of a few techniques.

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