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Tabata Interval training

January 9, 2008

I really not sure if it is the inactivity of the past two weeks or the type of exercises I did yesterday, but my arms are tight and my legs are sore now. It could be both.

I did some Tabata Interval training which seems simple enough. It’s any type of exercise done 8 x 20 sec with a rest 10 sec performed for 4 min. Easy huh?

What I did:
Hindu squats
Jumping jacks

However, after 12 min (Hindu squats 4 min, shadowboxing 4 min, jumping jacks 4 min) I was really, really gassed out. But because it’s “only” for 20 sec I performed the exercises with full excertion. Actually that’s how Tabatas are supposed to be done. Full sprint. During shadowboxing I’m throwing combinations as fast and as hard as I can. I did the jumping jacks as quickly as possible. Same with the hindu squats.

I did these inside my apartment because it’s too cold for me to go running outside by the time I get home from school. And I really want to improve my conditioning. So while I can’t work on my anaerobic conditioning the way I want to, Tabata Intervals are a worthwhile replacement for the time being.

Oh, there is science behind this type of training too. Just so you know.

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