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Submission magazines

January 11, 2008

We start training again next week now that everyone is back in Japan.

Since my last training session with Jon I’ve been thinking of ways to improve the sessions I have with Esteban and Brent. I want to put in more activities that enhance the physical attributes you’d automatically develop when you do full resistance sparring. But at the same time I don’t want to sacrifice technique by just sparring for the entire training session. But I think I came up with a pretty good regimen. I’ll post it up later.

I worked out yesterday. Did one circuit that consisted of 10 pull ups followed by 1 1/2 push up followed by a 5 sec bridge. Then for the next circuit I decreased the pull ups by one while increasing the push ups by one. I did this until I did 1 pull and 10x 1 1/2 push ups. The 5 sec bridge stayed the same.

To clerify:
1st circuit – 10 pull ups, 1 1/2 push up, 5 sec bridge
2nd circuit – 9 pull ups, 2x 1 1/2 push up, 5 sec bridge
3rd circuit – 8 pull ups, 3x 1 1/2 push up, 5 sec bridge

10th circuit – 1 pull up, 10x 1 1/2 push up, 5 sec bridge

I’m supposed do this for time but I didn’t. I just wanted to get through it.

Oh, and at the end of the circuit I did 15 tuf sit ups, 30 neck curls and 20 bicycle crunches.

Oh, and I should explain the “1 1/2 push up”. Like a regular push up, but I lowered for 3 sec then pushed half way up, went back down and exploded all the way up. Like pylo push ups except slower.

Anyway, onto the topic of this post.

This magazine is called “Submission Spirits”. Hideo Tokoro is on the cover.

This is “Submission Fighter”. Two big names of the game are on the cover. Marcelo Garcia and Josh Barnett.

These are the two submission magazines I have here. I’ve always been weary of grappling magazines. I’m not sure of the quality now, but when I was back home they weren’t very good. Few pages, few interviews and very few techniques, majority of which I’d know already.

Fastforward to now. I paid at least $14 (1510yen) for 80 pages of interviews (which I don’t understand because it’s in Japanese) and techniques (which I do because they’re pictures and it’s easier to translate captions than an article). And – this is the good part – it includes a DVD.

“Submission Spirits” is a magazine that has interviews from eight different grapplers with four to eight pages per grappler showcasing their techniques. It has a special section 20 pages long devoted to the triangle showing techniques from five other grapplers. The DVD is 2 hours and 30 min long with 4 grappling matches, and six interviews. Two of the interviews are of Eddie Bravo and Javier Vazquez.

This is the main centerfold of the triangle (sankaku jime) section in “Submission Spirits”.

“Submission Fighter” has five interviews – one of them of Josh Barnett – obviously cause he’s on the cover and not surprising as he’s big in Japan (really), a section on the 2007 Abu Dhabi Combat Club tournament, a 12 page section devoted to Sombo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Catch as Catch Can wrestling, a section on basic grappling no-gi techniques, fightwear and an article on all the major tournaments (9 tournaments in all) here in Japan. The DVD runs for 3 hours, showing techniques and tournaments.

Josh’s Catch as Catch Can section. Lots of good stuff there.

Not bad for $14 each.

Now I don’t really mind paying a lot for a lot of content, but the DVD does seal the deal for me. I don’t think there’s anykind of magazine back home that does that. And that’s what I like about these magazines. They’re a big bang for your buck. And there’s only so much one can learn from static pictures.

Although I do have problems with the large vast number of submissions they show. I’m a big fan of escapes, passes and transitions in general. Then again both mags have “submission” in their title so who am I kidding?

I realize that learning techniques from a magazine is not primarily the best way, but concidering that the closest authentic grappling school closest to me is over 2 hours away… I’ll take instructions on techniques from wherever I can. I do want to take private lessons from the schools in Fukuoka city (that’s where they are – and with a one way two hour trek the cost of a private lesson is a lot better than paying for an entire month and being not able to go).
Also I have yet to use any of the techniques shown in both magazines unless it’s techniques I already know like the basics of no-gi in “Submission Fighter” and the basic ways of slapping of a triangle from the guard – in fact half of the triangle techniques in “Submission Spirits” I know. The other half just blows me away.
So I don’t know what’s available back home, but as far as I know, I got a gold mine of wealth for pennies.
Take care and train smart.
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