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whole lotta workout

January 15, 2008

Yesterday’s workout:

Morning workout (based on Ross Enamait’s Indoor Condition)
5 x 1 min jump rope sprints, 1 min break
5 x 30 sec jump rope sprints, 30 sec break
60 hindu squats

Afternoon workout (my own based on using movements found in MMA/BJJ)
10 stand up in base (each side)
10 hand stand push ups
10 dips
10 tuf sit ups
20 neck curls
20 sec bridge
*repeat the above exercises twice

30 sec head movement drill
30 sec shadowboxing
*repeat the above exercises for 3 min

30 sec shrimp and replace guard drill
30 sec sit outs
*repeat the above exercises for 3 min

Workout in Detail:

Monday was a holiday so I got a lot in. I normally don’t workout twice in a day because of work, but I won’t be training nor working out today because I have a seminar to go to in Fukuoka city. Since I’ll be in the city, I wouldn’t mind stopping by one of the jiu-jitsu schools after and ask if they have private lessons. Actually, I’ll probably do that.

The “head movement drill” is just me in front of a mirror bobbing and weaving, throwing a jab or shot to the body afterward from time to time. Nothing really fancy. Just trying to see how I look. And if I’m moving clean enough.

The “shrimping to replace guard drill” I based off of Demian Maia’s Science of Jiu-jitsu which you can see here. I like Demian’s uke, reminds me a lot of the guys I used to train with back home. Plus he seems really bored out of his mind, he probably knows everything that Demian’s gonna show. Demian’s really happy, eager and willing to explain details. His uke seems like he’d rather be enjoying lunch or something.

Anyway, Demian addresses some pretty basic stuff that I’ve forgotten BUT were things similar to what I used to drill back home. I plan on getting the drill I did back home on tape and posting that up (I know, I know, I still have yet to post the Dec 23rd training session – I’m getting to that).

For the drill – yesterday’s drill – on my back I got as close as possible to a wall with my knees up and feet at the base of the wall. I shrimped away from the the wall and quickly straightened myself so I was perpendicular to the wall. Pulled myself close to the wall again and repeated the other side. Easy enough, but after 30 sec it gets pretty taxing.

Next post is my new training regimen.

Train hard and train smart.

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