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me sparring

January 17, 2008

I’m at work and I should be prepping for my first class, but I wanted to post this up because it took so long for me to actually do it.

Yup, that’s me. I’m in the blue gi pants.

This isn’t the entire clip either. It got cut off when I was saving it to my computer. Besides the last part isn’t so special. The cameraman, Jon, got creative with the shots and my pants started to fall down. But I don’t show off my goods, instead there’s me re-tying my gi.

Um, some comments on my performance.

0:08 I get a takedown. I could have passed guard but go straight into it.

0:31 He tries for a move – sweep maybe – and I go into side position.

0:41 I was looking for something – I could have gone for a triangle choke or gain the rear – but end up mounting.

0:48 Trying for a triangle from the mount without securing the leg behind the head looks like this.

0:54 What am I doing? Sloppy guard. He goes for a heel hook. I spin out.

0:56 It looks like I’m tapping. But if that was the case he would have let go right?

1:08 I get side position again! But not because of my great skill. Ha. And I don’t keep it.

1:38 He tries for a Kimura. His position is so bad. I’m wondering why is he even trying.

1:43 I almost get sweeped. If I did then that Kimura would be something. Then again, if he wasn’t so into the Kimura I would get sweeped.

1:48 I’m smiling because I was so gassed. And I missed rolling like that.

I should also note that this was the only clip of me sparring. Before that I rolled with three other guys – all bigger, heavier, stronger than me. So I was pretty tired to begin with. And this guy is more of a kickboxer than a grappler.

That being said I’m not at all happy with my performance. I look at this clip and see everything I did wrong. I should have secured my positions more and really looked for submissions. But I’m glad I have this on video. It shows I have room for improvement and hopefully the next time I spar with this guy, there’ll be a whole new different me on the ground.

That or the other guy will really get better and tap me out.

Train hard, train smart.

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