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so far, so good

January 21, 2008

Been busy writing scripts for a friend of mine. Not part of the writer’s guild so I’m not breaking any laws. Besides I’m not getting paid… yet.

And as if that’s not enough to keep my nights hectic, I’m also studying for a kanji test for this coming Saturday. It’s not too bad, 8th difficulty level, I should know all the kanji a 3rd grader in elementary does – but I don’t. Heh.

But I’m still training and working out. Dammed if I know where I find the time.

Training Session – Jan 17th

I think the new regimen works. Everyone gets to work on whatever it is they want to work, then we apply alive drills to whatever technique we worked on. And finally we spar. We kinda ran out of time though. Always the case whenever I’m training.

We did spar for time though. Esteban and Brent sparred for 5:07. Then right after Brent and I went for 8:38. Brent’s conditioning is hardcore. Even after over thirteen minutes of sparring he wasn’t even breathing hard.

Filmed this session. Will post it up when I have the chance. Or I post it up in sections cause the software that came with my handicam is crappy and not letting me transfer entire clips – only clips of clips. That or I’m doing something wrong.

Workout – Jan 19th

Finally went back to Aquamates. That’s the name of my gym here in Kurogi. When I got there I ended up spending over two hours there. Too busy catching up with everyone there. Also met a guy who’s been training Karate for 15 years. I really wanted to check out his training sessions but they fall on the same time I train – Tuesday/Thursday. He looks really strong. Did the whole 100 push ups with a balance ball and 100 sit ups on the incline bench. That 100 count thing is so Karate.

Worked out on shoulders:
Dumbbell snatches – 10x each side
Dumbbell jerks and cleans – 10x each side
Dumbbell swings – 10x each side
Did 6 kilos for the three exercises, then did 7 kilos and ended on 8 kilos. Did active rest in-between each exercise – shadow boxing – 1 min

Then I did a minute-thirty sec bridge and worked on abs. Yes, I was tired after that.

Something I’ve been noticing – recently

I think I might have an injury in the making.

On Dec 23rd I rolled with a guy who was an amateur shooto fighter. He was bigger guy and like all big guys with limited technique, he worked for a big guy technique when we sparred. The technique – key lock/Americana from side position. I defended it pretty easily, but he still worked it for all it was worth.

TIP: to all the big guys out there. IF you have a dominant position like the side mount and you’re working an Americana/key lock, if you attempt it and you DO NOT submit the bottom guy in 5 SECONDS… LET GO and LOOK for another submission OR a better position! You’re wasting time and energy if you’re working on a submission that you’re trying to finish but has yet to happen. Actually, that can be said to anyone going for a submission. Submissions come FAST or NOT AT ALL.

Anyway, after that I went up to Tokyo and cruised with my friend and my brother for a good five days. For the entire trip I carried everything with my left arm – the same hand the big shooto guy was working to get the submission. I didn’t mind the annoying dull pain in my shoulder the third day into my trip. I chucked it to carrying something for the entire day three days straight with the same arm.

Then only recently has my left shoulder been giving me enough trouble to get me to notice it. It’s not a sharp pain. Actually it’s not a pain at all. On a scale from one to ten it’s a .5 which is cause for concern because I don’t want it showing up on the scale later on. But so far, I’m okay.

It doesn’t help when my bed is just as hard as the ground and I favor my left side when sleeping.

I suppose I’ll have to take extra care and not push myself too hard. Maybe start taking glucosamine (which I have) again.

Train safe and train smart.

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