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Training Session – Jan 22

January 22, 2008

Taking a break from studying 3rd grade kanji. My brain is mush.

What we did:

10 min warm up.
2 min shadowboxing – up and down the length of Judojo.
Shrimp, shoulder rolls or crab walk – up and down
30 sec 4 point base switch
30 sec sit outs
30 sec spin off of bottom turtle

3 min combos on muay thai pads – all out effort
3 min combos on punching pads – all out effort

6 min sparring from the guard – switch partners after 3 min, guard bottom stays in – full resistance

Open discussion

Thoughts on training:

I think this session, like last week’s, went pretty well. Everyone gets equal amount of training and the discussion at the end was to clerify what we thought we need to work on ourselves. Basically self assessment.

Then on Thursday I want to address the concerns we brought up at afterwards. Three rounds of 2 min dead drills on anything we feel we need to work on, and then three more rounds of 2 min of the same techniques we drilled on earlier except this time using live and/or rising resistance.

Yeah, we’re garage style training – which means a lot of sparring, but I still want everyone to be technical. Or as technically sound as possible.

I want our group to be as through as possible in all areas of the game. My hope is that by April, everyone will be at a level where they can enter a grappling tournament, complete at our own respective levels in no-gi and wipe out the competition. That is if we want to compete. I know I want to be at that level. Everyone else is getting there, but we’re gonna need a larger pool of bodies to play with and sharpen own skills on.

We also need shin pads, gloves and maybe headgear in order to gauge our stand up. Until then we’re just conditioning ourselves.

Sigh. Back to studying kanji.

Train hard.

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