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January 29, 2008

Q: What does a jiu-jitsu practioner do when he can’t train?
A: He reads a jiu-jitsu magazine and watches the DVD that came with it.

I’m supposed to be writing but the headache I had earlier in the day came back. And being creative while having a headache doesn’t work. So instead of resting up I read (looked at the pictures) a new magazine I bought the other day.

“JUJUTSU LEGENDS” is the title of the magazine. And, yes, on the cover is arguably the most recognized BJJ practioner in Japan giving a very fierce look – Rickson Gracie.

See? There’s his name. On a gi. Wish I was that bad ass. Having my name on my gi. Hey, I could do that here.

And just as the title suggests, there are articles devoted to the “Legends” of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. From the Gracie family we have interviews from: Rickson, Renzo, Carlos Jr and Rorion.

Not named Gracie but no less significant in the Jiu-jitsu world are: Rigan Machado, Jean Jacques Machado, Marcio Feitosa, Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti and Osvaldo Alves.

Hey, if Rickson can change the stripes on his belt then I probably can. I mean, they do get nasty looking after awhile.

Also included are the rising stars of BJJ: Mario Reis, Leonardo Santos, Marcelo Garcia and Rubens Cobrinha Charles. Techniques from these four men are curiously showcased via three Japanese men: Ayumu GOZO Sioda, Koichi Kuwahara, and Takayuki Hirose. They were the ones photographed performing the techniques not the former. Then of course there’s Naoyoshi Watanabe and Naoya Uematsu. More on Naoya later.

Out of the 100 pages of the magazine, only 13 pages are of techniques. There are also an article on the history of Gracie Barra and a timeline of Alliance Jiu-jitsu. This magazine makes me wish I studied more Japanese. I’m sure there’s probably a whole lot of game plan discussion, views on jiu-jitsu and personal experience that I’m missing out on. I mean, I am studying, but I wish I knew more kanji. For the DVD I’ll go into detail next post.

Train hard. And if you can’t train – search for the details and take notes.

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