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February 6, 2008

I haven’t been logging down my training and workout sessions recently due to lack of time and a particularly busy schedule, and I think it’s affecting my performance.

Case in point: I worked out today doing only a total of 24 pull ups. Awhile ago I did 55 pull ups. But I don’t know how long ago I did that and what exercises I did in-between then and now, or whether I revisited pull ups since then. But I don’t know because I never wrote down anything. I don’t know how many times I worked on my conditioning either. I used to go swimming and do funky jump rope routines and do crazy anaerobic circuits, but now I hardly have time to go to the gym (kinda hard to swim and jump rope and do my crazy circuits in my apartment).

And then there’s training. Yesterday’s session could have been much much better, but I went in with the vague notion of working on someting with everybody doing somekind of technique and everyone doing more or less of the same thing. See what I mean?

Well, I have a new body to throw around… ahem… I mean, I found a new training partner to join us in our training sessions so it’s not an odd number of people, but an even number which is for the best that way everyone stays active rather than the odd man sitting out while the everyone else trains.

One of the teachers at my school is curious about what I’m doing every Tuesday and Thursday so he’s gonna check it out. He’s my size, which makes me happy, and he’s also really strong too. He did a hip-hop dance number for my school with some students and man can he windmill, flare and freeze with the best of ’em. And he already knows the other Brazilian martial art – Capoeira. But I think it’s to help him with his bboy moves.

Anyway here’s today’s workout routine and tomorrow’s regimen:

Workout routine – Wednesday Feb 6th
10 dips
10 pull ups
20 hindu squats
10 sec rest
10 dips
8 pull ups
20 hindu squats
10 sec rest
10 dips
6 pull ups
20 hindu squats

Training session – regimen for Thursday Feb 7th

10 min warm up using skill based drills – shots, shrimps, turtle spin, rolls, sitouts, four point base, sweep/passing guard/mount escape,

Dead Drills
Triangle leg squeeze drill – 10 count
Armbar leg swing drill – 10 count
Open guard drill – 10 count
*if time takedowns from the clinch

Alive Drills
Pass guard low resistance – 2 min
Pass guard 50% resistance – 2 min
Pass guard submissions ok – 2 min
*above drill must pass guard and hold side control for 5 seconds before resetting to guard

Light rolling – active, constant motion for 6 min
Heavy rolling – full resistance, starting from side control 3 min

And for the newbie:
how to – shrimp, turtle spin, sitout, four point base, elbow/knee escape and basic sweep
sweep/pass guard/mount escape drill
super light rolling

Keep on training.

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