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Workout Routine – March 2nd

March 2, 2008

What I did:

Swimming – 16 laps (lots of breaks in-between, did the last 6 non-stop)
10 three-one-half push ups (used yoga ball and performed on fists) – 3 sets
15 dips – 3 sets
20 bicycle crunches – 3 sets
20 upas – 3 sets
20 dumbbell clean and jerk (10 each side) – 8 kg
16 dumbbell clean and jerk (8 each side) – 10 kg – 2 sets
100 meter farmer’s walk- 25 kg – 3 sets
14 hip raises – 3 sets
Cool down stretches

Thoughts on the workout:

Kinda slacked off on the swimming. It’s been a long time since I last went swimming. I took a lot of breaks, probably did around 8 laps of walking just to “keep active” and ended up tweaking my bad elbow towards the last couple of laps.

The three-one-half pushups are just pushups that take 3 sec to lower, push up half way, lower back down and explode back up.

The upas I did from a prone position. My entire body was flat against the floor. Then I’d pull my feet up, slammed it on the ground and did an upa as fast as possible. It crossed my mind to do bridges but I didn’t feel like waking up with a bad headache, which usually happens whenever I re-visit bridges after long periods of not doing bridges. Actually that always happens afterwards. Must be just my weak neck.

I got rid of the hindu squats and the burpees cause those are exercises I can do in my apartment. Since I was at my gym I thought I might as well use some of the dumbbells – hence, dumbbell clean and jerk. Man, is that all the weight I’m using for clean and jerks? I’m a wimp.

Farmer’s walk – pick up a heavy object and carry it while walking. First time I read about that one, I couldn’t believe it was that simple.

The hip raises I did like a wrapping twisting “I’m gonna armbar an imaginary opponent with an obscenely long torso” motion. So I’m throwing my legs straight up, like doing a handstand, but on my neck. I’ve actually seen this before. This type of exercise. Where exactly, I’m not sure. Back in Hawaii? Online? “Educational” film?

Anyway, my back is stiff. Upper and lower. Hope I don’t wake up with a headache.

No slacking. Train hard.

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