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Training Session – March 4th

March 4, 2008

What we did:

Warm up – stretches, sitouts, burpees, hindu pushups, shots and knees


  • Ankle pick from the clinch (Jacare version – did not train this)
  • Armdrag before entering the clinch (Garcia vid and an example of it in competitions at 0:11, 0:17, 0:21, 0:47 & 1:08)

Dead Drill – 10 each side
Alive Drill – entry full speed, 20% resistance, go to takedown


  • Armdrag from the guard – chains into gaining the back, “mayflower” sweep or push-over hip sweep
  • Sweep from side mount – “wheelbarrow“, chains from basic elbow escape

Dead Drill – focused on each technique seperately, then fed for technique specific response
Alive Drill – 40% then to 80% resistance

Open Sparring
Started from stand up – full speed and resistance – did not roll for time but went well over 15 mins (started rolling at 6:53PM, obviously we stopped, chatted for a bit then left the Judojo at 7:13PM)

Thoughts on Session:
Not bad.

Notes on Sparring:
Problems – I still remain flat on my back, and I still am concerned with a single primary attack when I should be thinking of linking multiple submissions.

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