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Like a "flower" to a bee

March 5, 2008
Most people don’t like it. I don’t blame them. It looks horrible. Unnatural. An abomination. Okay, maybe not that far but I’ve seen people run away at the sight of it. Then there’s the other side of the coin. It’s a badge of honor. The mark of a person who should not be trifled with. But an aphrodisiac?I’m talking, of course, about the cauliflower ear. Not only just boxers and wrestlers, but any athlete can have it. My Judo instructor, Akita sensei, he had it. My Karate instructor, Sato kaicho, he had it plus he looked like a seal too.

And guess what? It turns up a lot in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Practitioner beware.

The Cauliflower Plant – Yummy?

A lot of women, and men for that matter cause they end up buying headgear, find it repulsive. However there are women who seek it out and get that “fuck me” look just thinking about it. Why?

First, let’s find out about the cauliflower ear. It’s medically known as auricular or perichondral hematoma. Thanks, Web MD. Anyway, when trauma occurs to the ear separating the skin from the cartilage, or even damage to the cartilage tissue, that area fills with blood or liquid causing the ear to swell up and appear like a cauliflower.

The Cauliflower EAR – Yummy?

Outer ear swelling is the most typical injury and it’s cosmetic. Inner ear swelling is the more serious of the two. That’s the one to look out for because it can lead to permanent hearing damage.

Jiu-jitsu Tip of the Day: if it looks like cauliflower ear developing, go to a doctor and get checked up.

Now to these women and their love for a deformed ear.

While I was taking Judo I came to find out that there is a strong minority of Japanese women who are passionate about men with cauliflower ear. Some of my students who took Judo have girlfriends who adore their ears. Wow. Good for them.

A fellow female ALT on the JET Programme confirmed this to me when I gave a workshop on Judo for an ALT seminar. She was admittedly a cauliflower chaser as well.

NOT a fan of cauliflower ears.

And then yesterday we had a discussion about cauliflower as I checked for it after our session was over. Because I have big Dumbo-type ears I always check my ears after rolling. So far, so good.

When I mentioned that there was an appeal of the cauliflower to some women I was met with looks of disgust and disbelief. What exactly would be the appeal of cauliflower ear? I gave it some thought and here’s what came up.

Keep in mind that this comes from someone who a) is not a woman crazy for vegetable-ears and b) does not even have cauliflower ear.

I love Nog. He’s so pretty. And I mean that in an entirely hetero way.

Men with cauliflower ear are —
1. Not superficial.
They have cauliflower ears. They most certainly don’t care all that much about appearances. It’s hard to be pimped out with bubble ears. And a non-superficial guy usually is down-to-earth. Then again Tito Ortiz has cauliflower ears and he’s flashy, but he’s got that big head of his and Jenna Jameson, and both are more distracting than his cauliflower ears so he doesn’t count.

2. Strong.
One of the benefits of being in a sport like boxing, Judo or grappling is becoming strong. Duh. It’s a necessity of practicing the sport, and so is the potential for getting cauliflower. I doubt there will ever be a weak ass guy with cauliflower, doesn’t work that way. In Japan, strong men are usually “macho” or muscular. Definitely not the norm, most guys are walking effeminate sticks. Thank goodness there are women who love the way men look, ugly ear and all.

3. Dedicated.
A man who is diligent in practice is loyal, and dedicated. His art or his sport is something he loves so much he has the ears to prove it. Why? Because getting mangled ears didn’t stop him from doing what he loves. A man with that kind of dedication to a sport will probably hold the same kind – if not a higher level – of dedication to the woman he loves. Unless of course he’s super dedicated to his sport he never has time for his wife or girlfriend. But if that was the case, how’d he ever find the time to get a girl in the first place?

Imagine the cauliflower on this guy.

Although considered hideous by many, it’s reassuring to know that there are those that find the cauliflower in all its deformed glory as something positive. And, unbelievably, there are those who actually find it very attractive.

So even with the threat of cauliflower ear, let’s keep on training.

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