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Training Session – March 6th

March 7, 2008

What we did:

Slow rolled – low to no resistance – 15 min

Drilled escapes and sweeps

Positional sparring – focused on escapes and sweeps only, low to no resistance – 9 min


Thoughts on training:
Good review, good feedback.

Training session observations:
Everyone’s game has gotten better and more tight. We’ve given up on submissions and full-tilt rolling for the time being, Brent’s elbow got tweaked and it isn’t 100%.

It just means we’re going to focus on improving what we know and adding more moves to our arsenal.

Yesterday all we did was review every single escape and sweep we knew, and chained them all together. If there was an opportunity to escape, it was given. If there was an opportunity to sweep, it was given. Any counter to a technique was answered with another technique be it an escape or a sweep.

Until recently I have only seen this sort of chain drilling done with submissions. Like an armbar chaining to a triangle chaining to an armbar. This way when we go to escape bottom side mount and that certain escape fails, we chain to another escape. And if that escape fails we chain to another. That way, if we want to escape, we escape.

Also, since we do not have a qualified instructor, we’ve been self correcting and helping each other develop our games respectively. But yesterday’s feedback was the first time we sat down and discussed it. We had good peer and personal assessments. Everyone gave comments on each other’s strengths and pointed out aspects to improve on.

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