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Training Session – March 11th

March 11, 2008

What we did:

Warm up – stretches, yoga, push ups, hip ups.


  • Reviewed all takedowns (single leg, double leg, ankle pick, armdrag, two Randy Couture takedowns from the clinch – single underhook duck under and near-side duck under, and a Blast-O-soto which sometimes turns into a Blast-Tai-otoshi)
  • Dead drills
  • Live sparring – full resistance, go to takedown, reset – first to five takedowns
    *when sparring with Brent – full resistance, but full takedowns, stopped midway – first to five


  • Worked on Rubber Guard – got to Mission Control, then couldn’t figure out how to get to “Zombie Land” or “Night of the Living Dead” or “The Two Towers” or “Do the Splashing Girl Style”
  • Chain Drill – sweeps from the guard – scissors sweep to –> “mayflower” aka helicopter sweep to –> hook aka “elevator” or “lift” sweep to –> knee push sweep
  • Chain Drill – escapes from side mount – elbow/knee escape aka pull guard to –> “wheelbarrow” aka push over counter to side mount to –> “Hook and Roll” very similiar to Demian Maia’s side mount escape.

Open Sparring

  • From stand up – full resistance, full speed – 5 min
    Against Brent – starting from closed guard, full resistance, no submissions – 5 min
  • 2 on 1 sparring – 10 min


Personal thoughts and observations on Session:
Holy crap! This was a fun session! I wish training was like this all the time!

Never thought I’d ever enjoy takedowns, but today I did. Oh, took a page from Eddie Bravo giving techniques interesting names, the Blast-O-soto or Blast-Tai-otoshi are throws from the clinch that I named and they deal with the same principles/fundamentals as their Judo cousins. I’m sure there are offical wrestling names for these techniques, would love to get them on video, post them on youtube and have someone tell me the real names of these throws. Until then, I’m calling them Blast-nani-nani.

Rolling with Brent I tied my right arm around my belt and said submissions were good until my belt unravelled and my arm was free. I did surprisingly well concidering I had a handicap. And I knew about rolling handicapped before “Redbelt“. Ha! Ugh, on second thought actually that makes me feel old…

The 2-on-1 sparring was really fun. Pretty simple concept. Two guys against one guy. Just teaches the one guy how to defend and accept the fact he’s going to get tapped. After he taps, switch rolls.

I’ve thought about what exactly made this session fun and I can’t think of a good reason. Maybe because I didn’t get smashed. Maybe because I tapped out four times instead of eight. Maybe because I just want to have fun whenever I roll. Maybe because everyone else is having fun too.

In anycase, everyone is progressing at a very good rate. We maybe garage action jiu-jitsu but at least we’re being technical about it. I mean, we drill and drill, then add rising resistance to the drill, then we see how I do it. If I can’t do it, then we puzzle over it, kick it around, and then add a few corrections. If I still can’t do it, then we toss it out the window. I remember we got rid of a lot of takedowns, fancy guard breaks and passes, just because I couldn’t do them effectively. Kinda feels good being the measuring stick.

As for own my game, I’ve become more active in my open guard – I have to now that my guard gets easily opened. No one holds me in side mount for very long either. I’m spinning more – like a Japanese typhoon, wheee! – and using my speed against everyone, but they still manage to stop me from gaining the back. Hmmm… more stuff to work on.

Let’s keep having fun.

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