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blogs the sequel

March 12, 2008

Here are more links to blogs of people more interesting than me.

Since I posted earlier about the deadlier of the species joining BJJ and becoming nasty vicious predators of the species, I thought let’s hear from the women.

Oh and one guy.

Oh and one magazine.

First up is Rosi Sexton, writer for the magazine Fighters Only, edited by Hywel Teague. Man, what’s up with these Englishmen and women? They’re all talented geniuses with razor sharp wit and enough skill sets to make the average joe in America, or in any other part of the world, cry. Anyway, back to Rosi.

Although brand new to the blogging world, it’s clear that she’ll be a mighty presence. I mean, she already is a presence – published writer, undefeated fighter, sports therapist. I look forward to reading her blog, and seeing what she has to offer the MMA/BJJ world and beyond.

Next we have Felica Oh and Heather Gibbons, both women are higher ranking BJJ practitioners than me. Way higher. Felcia’s blog has gone through a crisis of sorts so now she writes articles – tips really – on training at the eliteFTS website. Heather is a CrossFit coach and her blog deals with her personal experience in physical fitness.

And finally we go back across the pond, or in my case across a really big land mass, to Christina Fraquelli. Christina’s blog is really encouraging and inspiring. And like all women in this sport, she provides a unique view of training, one you’d not necessarily receive from a male BJJ practitioner.

Train hard. Blog harder.

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  1. Fighters Only Mag Editor permalink
    March 22, 2008 1:44 am

    Cool post – there are some great women bloggers out there

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