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March 15, 2008

Today held the premier event of a brand new fighting organization, called DREAM, and the return of Mirko Crocop to Japan. What is it about the Japanese and their love for all caps words as fighting organization names: K-1, PRIDE, and now DREAM.

Two fighters competing in Japan’s brand new fighting organization, DREAM

Not sure what to make of DREAM. I can say right now that I don’t like the double repeats of pachinko ads. Yup, you read correctly. Double repeats. The same commercial for a brand new Lupin the Third pachinko machine played back to back then repeated. It was almost as annoying as playing pachinko except without the potential of losing/gaining money. But it wasn’t that bad, they had other sponsors besides the yakuz… I mean, pachinko.

Punk-ass “Kid” Yamamoto was a guest announcer. Staple hottie announcer Waka Inoue was also in attendance.

Here’s my DREAM’s “Best of” list. Enjoy!

Best opening attack: by Japanese Pro-wrestler Minowman, who did a fearsome forward roll, not once but twice, against Korean fighter Lee Kwan Bun. What’s better than that was the crowd’s “whoa” reaction. I love it when pro-wrestlers enter MMA fights.

Best submission attempt: by Eddie Alvarez against Andre Dida. After establishing numerous dominant positions over Dida, Alvarez just pounded the crap out of Dida. Um… yeah.

Best stand up technique: the “standing real fist” by Minowman. After winning his match Minowman celebrated the pro-way by pumping his fist in the air at each side of the ring, encouraging the audience to stand up and pump their fist in the air as well. It was then I missed Hulk Hogan’s signature “spinning hand to ear & listen”.

Best fight attire: Tie. “Kid” Yamamoto’s gag tux t-shirt under a dull lime green windbreaker. And Aoki Shinya’s do-them-clowns-proud fight tights as see bellow. Proof I’m not kidding and, yes, I’m low budget action. Always dug going the cheapy take pictures of the TV way.

Yes, Aoki is a “Baka Survivor”

Best pro-wrestling name: not “Minowman” but a fighter who’s real name was not on his screenshot card, instead his nickname “Black Mamba” was presented. “Black Mamba”. Wow. You know, cause he’s like a snake, shooting his kicks out like a bite strike. I should know, I saw his highlight reel. And true to the Japanese style, it was complete with an actual Black Mamba attacking the camera.

Best proof Japan’s a great place to fight in: every one of the fights of Japanese fighters against foreign fighters that went to a decision, all the winners were Japanese save one match.

Best reaction to Mirko Crocop ever: at the end of the match, the main announcer turns (I’m assuming cause usually we don’t see announcers cause they announce) to “Kid” Yamamoto and says, “That was over very quickly, yes?” To which “Kid” replied, “Very quickly” but this is Japan. So it’s not what you say, but how you say it and his tone was more loke “I could give a shit about Crocop.” I think that’s probably the only time I liked “Kid”.

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