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Training Session – March 25th

March 25, 2008

What we did:

Warm up – stretches


New Technique

  • BJ Penn single collar tie/single leg takedown
  • Dead Drill 10x each side
  • Alive Drill – full speed and resistance, go to off balance – 10x

Reviewed all previous takedowns – no resistance, go to off balance – 5x, on fifth follow through to takedown

Chain drills

  • Pummel to single collar to single collar break –> ankle pick or BJ takedown
  • Armdrag to armdrag counter to single leg –> leg trapped in-between or outside
  • Double/single leg fake to sprawl to armdrag –> single leg or gain back or sacrifice
  • Pummel/armdrag fake –> double or single leg

Full Sparring – full resistance, go to takedown, reset – 6 min


Half guard – Bravo “lockdown” – chain from “old school” to “electric chair”
Half/Butterfly Guard with Overhook – chain from butterfly guard to half/butterfly underhook leg sweep to butterfly hook sweep to butterfly underhook leg sweep (whew!)

Dead drill – start from close guard go to half guard to sweep – run through each sweep – 5x

Open Sparring

Positional sparring – full resistance – sweep, submit or pass, reset – 5 min
Full sparring – from knees – full resistance, submissions okay – 5 min


Thoughts on Session:

Might have to start sparring longer. The double impact of better conditioning and actual fun while rolling (not caring if I get tapped out) is beginning to take it’s toll. Will try that for Thurday.

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