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March 26, 2008

Spring break, no classes, cleaned the top of my desk in the morning, saving desk drawers for tomorrow, decided to do my version of clicked.

Not sure what the deal is between Gazzy Parman vs Jenna Jameson. If this thread is any indication, it’s not nice. Apparently they’re in the midst of a myspace battle (oh those things are so much fun) due to some comments that Dana White made about female MMA fighters. Although there are no photos of the Jenna Jameson sort, and while the thread is mildly entertaining (members of any kind of forum aren’t the most witty of writers), the content is very adult themed (the Jenna factor). You’ve been advised.

I really don’t know either Gazzy or Jenna very well. I’m sure that they are wonderful delightful people, both whom I’d love to meet. But as far as their online argument goes I won’t say much about it. I’m sure their “work” speaks for itself. And I’m totally not knocking Jenna (and not in that way) cause she is a New York Times Best-seller author. You go Jenna.

I’m all for women in sports, even in MMA. I even wrote a post about having more women in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. However I can even sort of kinda (not really) understand Dana’s reasoning in the ESPN article linked above. Yeah, he wants to get MMA more into the mainstream, but aren’t we already there or at least at the beginning of it? If not then perhaps maybe this will help.

Speaking of female fighters, when did Gina Carano become an American Gladiator? I remember watching the original show and thought it was cheesy back then. The new season might be a tad bit better, but I don’t know cause I’m in Japan. I could *ahem*download*ahem* it. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Japanese Gladiators show and Megumi Fuji was on that show. I can think of other Japanese athletes that might be good but I think they already had a show like that on Japanese TV.

Although there was one episode Of American Gladiators I remember where the Gladiators got their asses handed to them by – gotta love it – a firefighter. Firefighters are badass. Them and rugby players.

And finally, awhile back I posted a few quotes found off the signatures of various forum members. These quotes are much better.

UPDATE (3/27): If this article in the New York Times online (or EliteXC’s CBS deal) isn’t an indication of MMA’s mainstream status, I don’t know what is.

UPDATE 2 (2/28): It seems I knew about Gazzy long before her blow up with Jenna. Cleaning out my desk I found an old article by Todd Hester I must have printed back when I was going through BJJ withdrawals and before joining Judo. Makes me wonder what else I have in my desk (and the boxes under it) after 4 years of online reading.

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