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Training Session – April 3rd

April 3, 2008

What we did:

Warm up – stretches


  • Review all takedowns – dead drill – 5x, on fifth go to takedown
  • Sparring – full resistance, go to takedown, new person in, one person stays – 2 sets, 3 min


  • Review half-guard
  • Positional Sparring – full resistance, pass, submit, sweep, reset, bottom stays – 3 min
  • Open Sparring – from knees, full resistance – 6 min

Thoughts on Session:

Whoever was out coached person staying in for the full round. During open sparring whoever was out coached in general.

My stand up is coming along nicely but I still believe it’s lacking, something I’ll always work on. As is my conditioning, not bad but could be better. Here’s a list of things I’m currently trying to improve on.

  • Takedowns (with and without the gi)
  • Leg submissions and defenses
  • “Bugging the neck”
  • Defending guard passes
  • Open guard
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