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Brawl Bros – April 6th

April 7, 2008

The group that trains MMA and meets up in Kashii from time to time is run by Toyofuku san.  I didn’t find out until today the group has a name, “Brawl Bros.”  Heh. 

Anyway, here’s how things were run. 10 minutes set up. 10 minutes warm up. 30 minutes of groundwork, 3 min rounds non-stop. 20 minutes of stand up striking, 2 min rounds non-stop. 20 minutes of pad work, 3 min rounds non-stop. Clean up.

I was quite surprised at my conditioning. I didn’t roll as hard as I wanted to because I knew we were going to stand up stuff which I wanted to do. And the last time I rolled at 100% then I was spent for the rest of the session. This time I rolled at 80% and didn’t make an effort to fight submissions, you’ll see that in a bit.  Despite that I was huffing and puffing with the best of them, but I wasn’t that gassed.  I must be doing something right. 

Our little warm up started from standing, takedowns we could do  but when we got to the ground we did only light rolling. All the takedown training I’ve been doing paid off, cause I went up against a younger stronger guy who was really good at defending single and double legs, but was utterly clueless as soon as we clinched.

A few things I was reminded off/taught for striking that I need to remember:

  • Guard (chin down, gloves against my head, elbows in) and head movement is very important
  • Mix it up – jabs, cross, hooks, uppercuts, bodyshots, let it all go
  • Counters – guard, after the last punch pull the elbow back and throw a counter punch

So now I present videos of the (grapping) session. 

The first two clips are of me sparring with Ishikaki kun. He’s an amateur shooto fighter by the way. The clip is cut in two because Jon, who was cameraman, did eight minutes of hard sparring before he shot the video and needed a quick break. To sum up; a ridiculously fast knee bar, heel hook in the 2nd clip (both I didn’t bother fighting), and two failed attempts – one sweep, one side control escape. That rolling armbar caught me by surprise but I wasn’t in danger of tapping. If he got it I was going to tap anyway.

Last clip is me and Toyofuku san. He was actually kind enough to limit himself to technique only and not on sheer power. Very classy.

Rolling was a good eye opener. Need to:

  • Control the near side arm when passing – underhook or something else
  • Prevent pass attempts by controlling opponent’s head and “straight line”
  • Really really really focus on leg submissions and defense – really
  • Drill more side control escapes
  • Be faster on my submissions
  • Stop looking so surprised when time is over
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  1. April 8, 2008 10:37 pm

    Yeah man, those shooto guys’ll just go for the legs again and again. Sneaky buggers. Before I read the blog post I thought you were the guy giving out the subs in the first video and I thought, shit, this guy looks good! lol. You got some nice movements in the videos though.
    Do you think you’ll make it up to Kitakyushu for the South Japan cup in May (Copa South?)
    There’s the All-kyushu in June in Kasuya, a bit closer to Fukuoka City, but you still need a BJJFJ card to enter, unfortunately. EVen though it’s called “open” 😦

  2. April 9, 2008 12:42 pm

    I wish I was that guy! He’s my height and obviously much stronger. His arms are probably as big as my legs. Plus he’s younger, faster and much better at leg locks.

    I’ll be there at the Copa South 😉 Gonna head up to Miyajima for Golden Week and wander around the area. Then on the way back home stop at Kitakyushu. It’s on May 6th right? So yeah, I’ll be there enjoying the matches. Travel and jiu-jitsu 🙂

  3. April 9, 2008 11:25 pm

    Only in Japan would you start off a roll with jan-ken.

    Good stuff.


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