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Workout Routine – April 21st

April 21, 2008

Now with pictures!

It’s been awhile since I did something of significance or did anything noteworthy or just doing stuff. Busy with school now that classes are in full swing, plus life has been happening. Plus getting ready to deal with life beyond JET (ooh, scary).

Plus during last week Tuesday session I got my neck bent in such a way that made it really really hard to spar or sleep or look at a computer screen for very long. So I rested up, got better, even made it to Kashii this past Friday where I got my neck re-bent and had to sit out the rest of the Brawl Bros session.

Getting my neck hurt was the final straw in a recent chain of events which has led me to believe there has been a severe lack of progress on my part for the past few months. I really need evaluate what’s going on and figure stuff out. It’s a shame that I have no one to turn to who is technically (rather than physically) my superior. Well, there’s Toyofuku san but there’s the whole language barrier thing and I can hardly make it up to Kashii on a regular basis.

More on that later, here’s what I did:

19 ring dips
15 double rope pull ups
60 tire flips
24 rock throws

The numbers are the final tally, being that I did three sets of each exercise, means that I got real wimpy real fast. Far more wimpy that I was before.

These are the tires I flip. Yup, that’s a 500 ml bottle of water next to them. Personally, I like flipping the yellow one rather than the blue one.

And here’s the rock I pick up and throw. Not very far though. If I had to take a guess, maybe a little under 3 meters. Closer to 2. Ah, I’m a wimp.

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