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Training Session – April 24th

April 25, 2008

Yesterday’s session was inspired by Brawl Bros so we did that style of training.

What we did:
Warm up
3 min rounds from standing for 30 min – non stop, 50-80% resistance
5 min rounds from knees for 30 min – non stop, full resistance

Notes on training:
Everyone was kind enough to slap triangles and guilotines on me and let go of them. Nice. They were worried about my neck, which I didn’t tweak until the last 20 sec of my last round. Not nice but perfect timing.

And I suspect that everyone went easy on me overall because of my neck. Nice?

Also we started hunting for leg submissions and defending them more actively now, everyone got at least one. Nice. We still stay away from the dreaded heel hook though. Heel hooks are definitely not nice.

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