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Training Session – May 8th

May 11, 2008

On Thursday finally returned to a regular schedule after taking a break over Golden Week (or golden-four-days) and with it came training (yea!) and some new observations (ooo!).

Here’s what we did:

New Techniques – leg submissions
New set up to the ankle lock (moving through the guard, falling to the side rather than straight back)
Kneebar/toe hold/(and the very scary)heel hook from the bottom guard (set up is securing the leg, but different way to finish)
Dead drilled each submission 10x (will build up the resistance after being more familiar with these submissions)

Open Sparring – full resistance, start from knees – 12 min

Observations on session:

  1. Taking a week or more off from training sucks.  It’s like I lost all the condition I worked so hard for.  I got tired super fast.  Faster than I expected.  It’s scary to know how our physical strengths and abilities can leave us so quickly.
  2. Now that I fight more to get out of side control everyone’s getting better at attacking in other positions (like guard).
  3. Leg submissions make open guard much more challenging.  There’s that fine line of preventing a pass and protecting the limbs I walk on.
  4. My game plan is slowly coming together… I think.  I’ve been not-so-secretly working for the back everytime we roll.  And most of the time, to my surprise, I get there.  If I abandon the game plan I notice I get passed easily or I get a leg submission attempt on me.  Even if I can’t get to the back, trying to get there gives me more opportunities to try and sweep like crazy, and sometimes I end up in top position.

Things I’m currently working on:

  • Getting to the back
  • Armdrags (from everywhere)
  • Leg submissions (offense and defense)
  • Butterfly guard
  • Constantly attacking/going for submissions (even when I know I can’t finish i.e. they’re defending a kimura/armbar)
  • Defending the heck out of submissions

I’m not so sure about the last one.  It can open up the possiblity of injuries.  I mean, I’m fine and okay with tapping out, but I’m just tired of doing it. 

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