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Teppo Ebi – May 19th

May 21, 2008

Went to train at Teppo Ebi on Monday. Good times.

The plan when it came to sparring was to slow roll. Not sure why. I was testing out my base, seeing if they could really sweep me. None of them did, but it made for a very inactive first half sparring session. I think I must have disappointed a few of the guys there.

One of the blue belts there chided me from the sidelines, he wanted me to move more. In fact, when we rolled he went all aggressive on me and submitted me with a sleeve choke. Probably his way of saying, hey you’re the guy who walked in here with a blue belt so don’t even try to slack off. I loved it.

Some observations:

Their triangles are tight
They make it a point to try and submit without making adjustments and without pulling the head down. The “sensei” (sorry, still didn’t get his name) just locks in the triangle and it’s tap tap time. All the blue belts have crazy triangles.

They’re super good at scrambling
I can sweep them pretty easily (horray for the gi!) but afterwards it’s a mad rush for them to get to their knees. And I admit to doing the same, but they’re much more faster and it looks less hurried for them.

They’ve got really great conditioning
By the very nature of the way they train (15% techniques and drills, 85% sparring) they’re extremely strong, quick and have incredible stamina. This also gives them great “functional technique”, a term I originally read from an article by Darren Laur.

For example, when we do static drills we strive for “perfect technique” (yup, from Darren Laur again). When we spar we ideally aim to make our techniques as perfect as possible, but in the process of training alive with resistance we actually perform functional technique.

Basically, when sparring, functional technique is what works.  It could also be argued that BJJ has perfect functional technique. 

Enough with the observations and annalytical stuff.  On to the pictures.  With ZOOM!

Brent with the other blue entering the Kyushu Open, Esteban with the “sensei”

Me, getting passed

Two questions: Guess who just got choked out? Does my partner look familiar?

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  1. May 21, 2008 10:04 pm

    What!! That’s Tomo-kun!
    So that’s who knew me… man, that guy is good. Tell him Matto says hi. You have a good training partner there, the guy is carved out of wood.

  2. May 21, 2008 10:07 pm

    Hehe… here he is “lounging” around…

    And to be fair, here’s some evidence of me…

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