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Training Session – May 22nd

May 23, 2008

After running around with my students (and jumping rope and doing a impromtu arm wrestling match with a dozen of the boys) as they prepare for their sports day on Sunday, I trained.

We did a majority of drilling. Over and over. Dead drills. Resistance drills. I drilled until my technique started to get sloppy, then I drilled ten good ones. And those were the ones I counted. I drilled going at full speed and full strength, squeezing and getting as tight as possible.

And when I wasn’t drilling I was doing shots, burpees, shrimps, reverse shrimps, and hip raises.

Here’s what we drilled:

Kimura from the guard
Triangle (mousetrap style)
Triangle escape – stack pass
Triangle defense counter – bolt lock
Triangle (finishing adjustments)

Resistance Drills – only Me
Triangle escape – full resistance – 4 min
Triangle from the guard – escape or finish, switch partners – 2 min

By the time we got to the resistance drills I had to leave for my English lesson, which I kinda didn’t want to go (but I’m glad I did cause those are always fun). I started getting into the groove of things and the feedback I was getting was incredibly helpful.

I should point out what I was trying to accomplish with the “mousetrap” and the “adjustment” drills.

The goal of the mousetrap drill was to slap on the triangle as quickly as possible. Like it’s a surprise move. Literally throwing my legs around my opponent and finishing as fast as I can.

The goal of the adjustment drill is to work all the details of the triangle. Leg position, the pinching of the leg on the neck, breaking my partner’s base, moving my partner’s arm off to the side, moving my body off to the side, getting the correct angle, increasing the amount of pressure, continueously squeezing until it’s locked in – making everything as tight as possible, which if I did it correctly my partner should be tapping out BEFORE I even use my hands to push down on the head.

Hopefully I’ll get to the point where I can throw on a triangle lightning quick and the details take care of themselves.

31 days left till the Kyushu Open!

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