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Brawl Bros – May 23th

May 24, 2008

Brought Brent to do battle with the Brawl Bros up in Kashii. Yea.

Seeing as I’m planning to enter the no-gi absolute I went into sparring with the mindset of going at 100%. And seeing how long I last.

I only went two 3 minute rounds.

First with Ishikaki-kun and the second with another amateur shooto guy who was also a colllege rugby player. In both cases I gave up at least 10 kilos. Over 20 pounds for those of you not familiar with kilograms.

My arms gave out at the end of the first round. And by the second round I was gassed.

Surprisingly, after a few minutes on the sidelines I was okay. Except for my arms. It was a weird feeling having the rest of my body good to go but my arms were jello. I guess running around, jumping rope and dancing with my students this pass week paid off.

Again, except for my arms. My arms are still weak and achy and it’s been interesting writing this post.

I think I know why my stick arms broke. With Ishikaki-kun I fought for two gimmie kimuras from the guard. In my second round I fought for a guillotine, a neck crank and then several rear naked chokes.  Instead of taking my time, waiting for openings or being tricky and attack with speed,which I should have done, I just attacked and it matched strength verses strength.  Not my strong suit. Pun intended. 

After the training session I asked for arm strengthening tips from the shooto guys I rolled with.  I’ll try to impliment their suggestions in my routines as well as Eddie Bravo’s working the squeeze exercise.  Although there is one drawback I really don’t want when I strengthen my arms.

Believe it or not, I don’t really want big arms.  I want stronger arms not bigger.  The reasoning behind that is I don’t want to buy new shirts.  I was never a fan of the “my arms are too thick for my short sleeve shirt” look. Plus if I don’t fit my shirts anymore (Japanese sleeves are notoriously slim to begin with) that means spending money to be presentable. Money I could use for more training gear.

At least I know what I need to work on with my strength and conditioning.

Skill wise that’s a different matter.  I took and held the back of a shooto guy.  I was only submitted with a heel hook (man, you should have seen how fast I tapped for that one) and a knee bar (that I fought as hard as I could).  Every other submission attempt by the shooto guys failed.  It makes me wonder what the Kyushu Open rules are with leg submissions.   Other than that I never got swept, never got mounted and I always worked out of side control. 

On a side note, I talked to Toyofuku-san (he runs Brawl Bros) about Teppo Ebi, and while he doesn’t remember their names he does remember that they’re very strong when it comes to newaza or grappling.  So I’m happy that I have the chance to train with both Brawl Bros and Teppo Ebi. 

Oh, I also told everyone that I’m entering the Kyushu Open and they were all kind enough to encourage me (they said I was strong and I’ll be more than fine against someone my weight) and point out things I need to work on (leg defense, cause it’s no-gi). 

Arm endurance.  Better conditioning.  More leg defense.  Be a ninja when it comes to submissions.

30 more days to the Kyushu Open!

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  1. May 26, 2008 9:13 pm

    Brought Brent to do battle with the Brawl Bros

    Try saying that ten times fast…
    The only time I had my arms go jello like that is during a competition, I had a five minute war that I won but I put everything into it… my arms felt like somebody else’s after that.

    I’m living vicariously through you at the moment as you prepare so I’m looking forward to the next instalment!

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