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Massive Update – super tired

May 27, 2008

I have a massive update lined up so I’m planning on publishing three or four extra posts today. This one’s off topic but thought I’d share a bit of my life outside of Jiu-jitsu. Although it’s my holiday today (as was yesterday) I’m still super tired. After training at Kashii with Brawl Bros I wanted to sleep in on Saturday. No dice.

I “worked” over the weekend as my school was preparing for our sports day, attended a surprise birthday party for Esteban (one of the guys I train with), and went to the after-sports-day-party (affectionately known as an enkai here in Japan) which was also at an onsen (hot spring baths) and I really wanted to go a take a dip but I was a bit sunburned from staying out in the sun on Sunday.

“Work” was actually supervising the students. Most teachers would stay under the tents watching the students doing the hard work of practicing out in the hot sun. In my defense of such a difficult and taxing weekend work schedule, I’m probably the only teacher at my school who activity took part in the running and jumping and dancing practice with my students. Oh and I also helped in painting their team panels.

Here are the pictures of my weekend.

Saturday – practice

One, two! One, two!

30 man jumprope

Saturday night – Esteban’s party


He’s such a cut up

One of the few “safe” photos of the night

Sunday – Sports Day

“We promise to be sporting but if need be we’ll attack each other with samurai swords”

Human bridge or rainbow arch

The Principle and Vice-principle in the 3 legged race

Blue Team – I helped paint a tree in the background panel

Green Team – I painted the towel that “Blanka” is holding

Red Team – did the body of the Dragon top of the panel

Cheer boys

Sunday night – Sports Day enkai

Thankfully no one got drunk enough to wear a lion outfit this time

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