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Road to the Kyushu Open – learning from women

May 29, 2008

I’ve been watching ADCC fights for my supplemental no-gi training, and to see if I can steal – ahem – borrow some moves. There’s one grappler in particular I’ve recently been captivated with. And as you can probably guess from the title of this post, it’s a female grappler.

That’s the very pretty-in-pink Kyra Graciemounted on top of Tara LaRosa and submitting Caoimhe McGill. If you look carefully you can see that Kyra has pink fingernail polish on. How’s that? She wore fingernail polish when she competed in the ADCC. Talk about balls.

Here are her matches 2005 ADCC matches against Megumi Fujii and Erika Monotoya.

Going through many many clips online, I’ve been trying to find matches that are more technical. Ones that showcase more skill than athleticism. Obviously Marcelo Garcia is an incredibly technical competitor, considering that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the Absolute division and it’s easy to see how he’d be idolized by smaller competitors like myself.

But I wanted something more. So I looked towards the ladies, the women competitors.

Not just Kyra Gracie, or Felicia Oh or Christina Fraquelli or Rosi Sexton, but all of them. They’re all doing the same thing the men are – whether it’s BJJ, submission grappling or MMA.

They’re competing.

Obviously these are strong women, that should never be doubted. But they’re not built like body builders, like most male grapplers appear to be. They’re not ripped and pumped and doing incredible Hulk poses so it’s clear that it’s not about the strength.

It’s about skill.

And despite me going on about getting stronger and better conditioning… yeah sure necessary, but it’s skill, technique that prevails. I only need to be strong enough and conditioned enough to apply the technique and let it work for me. Not an original thought in the BJJ world, but I need to remember it so I don’t get carried away and start thinking about gamma radiation treatments.

Who needs an Incredible Hulk body anyway?

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