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Training Session – May 29th

May 30, 2008

Yesterday we went easy. Here’s what we worked on:

Butterfly passes

  • Trainfightwin version – wrap under legs, monkey grip far side leg high on the calf, collapse legs together while shooting the leg (the same side as the monkey gripping hand) straight back, pull partner’s legs off to the side (monkey grip side), plant knee (of the stretched out leg) to partner’s hips or behind near side knee, pass to side control
  • Eddie Bravo version (with Darce finish) – pin partners legs as close together, trapping with your body, plant body weight on shoulder, drive weight into partner’s solar plexus, “jump” over the legs to the far side gaining side control

Pentagram Choke – from Submissions 101

Dead drills – 10x
Live drills – rising resistance – 3 min

Pentagram choke
Dead drills – 8x
Live drills – “Bull in the Middle” – full resistance, “bull” stays in 3 min and give up the back, submit/escape change partner – 9 min

When I wasn’t drilling I was trying my best to stay active. In between all the drills I did:
10 push up burpees (Ross Enamait does them at the 0:25 mark)
20 hip raise triangles
10 sec rear naked choke squeezes (each arm – choking out the top of my knee)
and if there was time I did shots or reviewed the motions of the passes.

Body’s tired, a bit stiff and sore. Especially my arms. Planning on doing some Tabata intervals or the Sequential Fatique Challange on Saturday.

23 more days till the Kyushu Open!

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