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Teppo Ebi – June 2nd

June 3, 2008

Trained in Kurume with the BJJ club Teppo Ebi. I think the group name means Death Circle of Shrimp Tempura.

After warmups and drills, rolled for 6 minutes three times with a three minute break in-between. Tried out my gameplan I intend on using in the Kyushu Open Tournament. Not bad.

Did takedowns, then gi work, and then rolled with a newbie white belt afterwards for 3 minutes each non stop.

I like rolling with white belts. First I see what kind of game they’re playing – aggressive, reactive, solid – and depending on what they do I give them the same energy or try to match them on their level. Or better yet, play at my level. I’m not above being tapped out by a white belt, in fact that’s great if they do. But it has to be a clean, good submission if not I escape or defend it. If you think I’m being too easy on the white belts – well, I take the first submission as my “go” marker. After that it’s open season on white belts. Same goes if a white belt is too passive. I’ll attack and go hard, but I’ll just go slow.

I think its important for all of us to have confidence boosters. Rolling with tough, high level practitioners is great. Helps you to grow skillwise, it helps you sharpen your blade, but it’s not so good on building confidence. Rolling with low level guys, or getting that submission you’ve been working on for so long and finally finishing it are fantastic ways to perk up your day. Its those moments that let you know that yeah, your blade is pretty sharp. I like to do that for newbie white belts now and again.

19 more days till the Kyushu Open.

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  1. June 3, 2008 9:46 pm

    For sure, you need a balance.

    Personally I think the ideal is about 70% getting my arse kicked and 30% kicking arse.

    I said something in some post way back, but it feels great when the sweep/escape/sub you have been trying your hardest to nail on higher belts but not managed to pull off, then goes through someone your level or just below like butter because of the hard work you have put in against the higher belts.

    Jeez that was a long sentence.

    You better get video at the comp, dude! I can’t wait to see.

    There is another one coming up in July, the Ground Impact comp in Kasuya again (I’m pretty sure.) That will have both gi and no-gi events. Hope to see you there!

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