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Training Session – June 5th

June 6, 2008

I would have trained this pass Tuesday but there’s been some shady happenings at my school. First there’s a lock on the Judojo where there NEVER was one. Second the key chain for the Judojo (which has the lock key and the main key for the budo hall) DISAPPEARS now and then. In fact since Tuesday no one has seen it in the P.E. office.

My main suspect is my school’s new Judo sensei. I think he’s a prick. Case in point, his desk is near a high traffic area. It’s on the way to the office kitchen where we make green tea and hide alcoholic drinks in the fridge. Not really but we actually could. Anyway if the Judo sensei is at his desk he likes to lean back in his chair and basically block up the entire pathway to the kitchen area. If he does this and I need to get to the kitchen he NEVER moves out of the way.

Sometimes I wish there was a Judo club at my school just so that I can practice newaza on him. He may not be actually involved with the key chain playing ninja, but not moving out of my way when I have to get to my lovely morning green tea? That’s just wrong. Grrr… moving on and rising above…

Reviewed and drilled all butterfly passes, triangle, transitions to other attacks from the triangle, triangle defenses, guillotine, kimura, sweeps and side control.

In my free time in-between the drills did 10 push up burpees, 10 upas, 10 crunches, shrimps and/or shots.

Could only do two quick three minute rounds of sparring from the knees, full resistance, before I had to run off to my English lesson. Burnt out my arms again.

15 days to the Kyushu Open.

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