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Teppo Ebi – June 9th & Training Session – June 10th

June 10, 2008

Yesterday I trained with the BJJ club Teppo Ebi and I forgot my rash guard so I just rolled with the gi. I’d also like to begin a new segment entitled “Bad Point/Good Point” where I point out all the bad stuff and good stuff during sparring. Hence the title.

Bad Point – I gave up my back with everyone I rolled with. Severely disappointed with myself.
Good Point – Whoever had my back never submitted me.

Bad Point – I cramped up.
Good Point – This was after I lost count of the amount of times I went in during sparring. I want to say four rounds but that was after I rested up from the leg/calf/foot/entire lower left limb cramp.

Bad Point – Tomo kun (one of the blue belts there) tooled me silly.
Good Point – He was the only blue that could do that. The other blues aren’t as technically sound. Except for the club leader Shimosako san, he taps out EVERYONE.

Bad Point – Going back to the first “bad point” the newbie white belt (who’s moving quickly out of the “newbie” status) almost choked me out after gaining my back and putting me into a body triangle.
Good Point (or bad point depending on how you look at it) – after the round I showed that white belt how to finish a rear naked and a collar choke.

Today I borrowed a page from Matt Thornton and the various drills done at SBGi. In particular, Call out drills. It’s my understanding that call out drills focus on transitions from one position to another. The example Matt Thornton gives in his blog is this:

Using BJJ… Guard surfing is a drill where the coach calls out a series of ten commands. For simplicity I will list only three, tripod (this is posting one hand on your opponents lower stomach while you pass), lift (this is just as it states, using the persons heels and then belt to stack them onto their back and pass), and push – pull (pulling and pushing your opponents legs/gi pants). One student is trying to pass the open guard and the other defends. As the coach calls out a new pressure i.e. “lift!”, all the students in the class will immediately switch to that type of movement. So in a 3 minute round the coach may call out “lift!”, “push – pull!”, “tripod!”, in any random order, and every few seconds. This forces students to transition from one type of pressure to the next very quickly.

We wrote down all the passes we drilled in previous sessions and spent 6 minutes performing each pass as it was called out.

Make a list, and DO IT like you love it!!!

We also applied this to the clinch and takedowns. And again for 6 minutes. We made it difficult for whomever was performing the techniques but not so difficult that they use full strength and/or speed.

And because I’m the guy training for a tournament I thought it best to go two 3 minute rounds for takedowns followed by two 6 minute rounds for grappling no-gi. Full resistance. Non stop.

I felt like throwing up afterwards. I never want to do that again.

11 days left till the Kyushu Open.

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  1. June 10, 2008 10:12 pm

    It’s the standing stuff that kills me.
    Shit shit shit I wish I was training shit shit shit.

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