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Training Session – June 12th

June 13, 2008

Basically followed the same routine as this past Tuesday’s session with a few differences.

Call out drills from the guard to side control – no resistance – 3 min

Call out/Objective drills from the guard to side control – goal: secure side control, mild resistance – 3 min

Call out drills from clinch/stand up – go to takedown, rising resistance (none to full) – 10 min

Light sparring – 2 three min rounds

Took really really long breaks. It felt weird to train actually, like my body was only giving me 50-60%. Even though I wanted to push on, I couldn’t. Plus I almost fell asleep going to my English lesson class (which is over an hour away from my house) so I had to hit up a convenience store (a Lawson) and buy an energy drink. It worked. But I think those kinds of drinks are for a different kind of energy. Perhaps one day I’ll write a post about the strange and wonderful drinks here in Japan.

8 days till the Kyushu Open.

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