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Training Session – June 24th

June 25, 2008

Guard passes
Call out drill – no resistance
Call out drill – medium resistance
Isolation drill – medium to high resistance – go to the back if possible
These drills were done back-to-back with no breaks.

Side control
Learned side control concepts – hug, contour and sag – 1 minute drills for each concept – bottom side control pushes away/brings elbow to knee (no escaping), top side maintains position/contact while using one of the three concepts
Reset drill – start from open guard, go to side control, reset – medium to high* resistance – 5 times
*note – any high resistance was met with the shoulder of justice

Went over new submissions – Peruvian necktie, arm hug, armpit slide, barbed wire armbar – 5 times static, 5 times medium resistance
Reviewed submissions – back-to-back, each one twice

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