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andre galvao madness

July 12, 2008

Sort of.

Photo from Tatame

I’m sure everyone has seen the video clip of Andre Galvao totally owning his opponent in the Mundials. If you haven’t it’s no longer online which sucks. Eventually it’ll make it’s way back on the net (I hope) and show just how crazy the level of jiu-jitsu that Andre is at.

So in lack of that, I have this…

From Samulimu.

Andre is obviously holding back. He way he moves is so smooth and effortless.

At 0:38 you can catch a glimpse of his disco psychedelic back control movements but not to he extent he does in the Mundials. If you haven’t seen the clip in question, imagine that, but for 10 SECONDS! ON A BLACK BELT!

Ahem.  Anyway…

At 2:12 there’s a great example of chaining submissions to each other. It looks like he’s going for a kneebar but it turns out to be a toe hold. I would have never thought about that. I usually go for one submission and then go for a completely different submission that doesn’t normally link. Like a collar choke from guard to a kimura attempt. Yes, I know it’s easy to think of submissions that link together while I’m sitting in front of my computer. It’s harder when I’m out on the mat.

Just watching vids like this is always encouraging for me. It motivates me, makes me want to train more, spar harder, drill 10 more reps than I’d usually do. I know it’s a long way to improve and longer still to even see those improvements myself. Sigh.

For more goodies and vids of Andre Galvao go here – bjj-asia. Outstanding blog on the BJJ scene in Asia.

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