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training to learn

July 17, 2008

I had plans to post this earlier (like a week ago) but life got in the way. Better late than never.

Just so you know I’m not pulling stuff out of thin air, here’s part of an article written on MMATraining by Matt “Wiggy” Wiggins. It relates back to my “having super conditioning by sparring for hours on end is good but doesn’t help you get better” post.

Strength training and conditioning is a part of what’s called GPP – General Physical Preparedness. In other words, it’s a component of your basic preparation. Being strong and in shape is what allows you to compete. If you’re out of shape then you can’t compete (or usually even train) because you’re spending all your time sucking wind. Once you get in good enough shape, you can train and compete because now you can utilize your technique. And if you get in good enough shape, you can utilize your conditioning as a weapon (not sucking wind at the end of a fight will put you in a much better position to utilize your technique than your opponent). [this is what non-stop sparring sessions do to your conditioning -patrick]

However, strength training and conditioning is not designed to enhance your technique. Like I just said, it can help you utilize your technique, and it can even help you pull some techniques off more easily (e.g. – having stronger hips can help you lock out an armbar if you have less than maximum leverage). However, it should never be used as a tool to enhance your technique (e.g. – stronger hips won’t help you find position for maximum leverage for that armbar, and having strong hips shouldn’t be a replacement for trying to get maximum leverage for that armbar).

I guess everything has its place and benefits, and don’t neglect one for/over the other.

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