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my favorite judo throws

July 23, 2008

Here are my favorite Judo throws. My Top Five. These are the ones I always try for. Vids are of Brian Jones of the Crescentwood Sakrua Dojo courtisity of kholowac.

1. O-soto gari

The first throw I learned was O-soto gari. I learned right away that this throw really needs a strong kuzushi; a point of “breaking balance”. Without uke off balance it becomes a strength thing. And Judo’s about being “gentle” not being “punch rock strong”.

I like to think I got so good at O-soto that everyone in my school’s Judo club knew it was my go-to throw. But the real reason is that it’s probably the easiest throw to defend.

2. Tai otoshi

I like to use Tai otoshi in combination with O-soto gari. Usually if uke is a big strong guy, an O-soto gari attempt will warrent a stiff arm defense. Big guys like to use their strength and weight against little guys like me. So when they’re pushing forward, I step off to the side, break their balance and boom! Tai otoshi. Timing’s important with this one.

3. Uchi mata

Completing the trilogy is Uchi mata. If O-soto gari doesn’t work, I’ll go for Tai otoshi. If Tai otoshi doesn’t work, I’ll go back to O-soto. I like the push/pull element of those two throws. Every now and again, I like to add a little Uchi mata into the mix. I’ve never pulled off a clean Uchi mata. Always sloppy. It’s the throw I keep getting denied. It’s my unicorn; the mythical beast I can never catch. Sigh.

4. Harai goshi/o-goshi

5. Seoi nage/ippon seoi nage

I know how to do these last two throws. One thing I should point out is that Harai goshi and O-goshi are similar, harai focuses more on a sweeping motion (think GSP vs Hughes II). O-goshi doesn’t. I think I’m better at these throws than I am with my top three. It’s just that I don’t like giving up my back. And these throws like to wrap up the back and hand it out like free tissues on the city sidewalks (it’s a Japan thing).

In Judo club, I’m comfortable with these throws. In jiu-jitsu class, it’s a 50/50 chance of getting the throw or giving up my back. And I’m not much of a Judoka to improve those chances.

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  1. September 12, 2008 4:50 am

    Nice demostration, very profesional. Do you have different demostration
    Thank You
    Sensei eddie Torres

  2. March 7, 2009 4:58 am

    I still have a hard time doing the “advanced Ostotogari” I was really good at it until ive been doing it so much i lost it. i know that sounds weird but im a Orange belt and i know it gets tougher any ways the videos help. Thanks.

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