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Yo, what up with da updates!?

August 18, 2008

Yes – my computer does autoconfig

Believe it or not, but I wanted to publish this a few days ago while sitting in my in a parking lot next to a rental store, book shop and several tall apartment complexes. But cheap-shady-style internet connections are hardly dependable and I got cut off mid-update.

So now that I’ve started the new job and I’ve have an “official” provider I thought now’s the time to update.

First, the personal stuff.

Yes – I finalized my move from Kurogi to Futsukaichi last week. This past week, been getting to know my new neighborhood.

No – do due time constraints, monetary issues and a little thing called a “VISA” I won’t be going home this August. Got the new one this past Monday. Japan’s kinda speedy.

Yes – not going home does suck. Man, you should have heard the phone calls I made back home.

Yes – I am getting internet connection that way I don’t have to keep doing this shady-but-oh-so-cheap method of updating. Did my provider shopping this past week.

And most importantly and in theme with this blog’s topic…

Yes – I am still training Jiu-jitsu. Not as often as I want to. Only once a week to Teppo Ebi, the commute is slightly more annoying than when I lived in Kurogi. And I am looking to join an official school soon. However I am exercising everyday which was a shock to get back into as I lost all my mighty mighty physical capabilities. Did three circuit sets of the SFC at 8 min 41 sec two weeks ago, then at 8 min 33 sec last week. Ha.

Hmm… I want to leave something of substance before my next post. Ah yes. I remember.

Keep training your skill sets.

You think Kobe just plays a few games of basketball to sharpen his skills? Or Tiger going through a few rounds of golf and that’s all he does for practice?

Continuously playing basketball games does not make an athlete phenomenally better at basketball. Nor does 18 holes of golf. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is no different.

We have to train hard in all aspects of our game. We may not never be able to perform on the same level as a Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods or Andre Galvao. But we can work hard enough to bridge the gap.

Hee. I have more articles and posts on the way. Finally.

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  1. August 18, 2008 8:27 pm

    Sweet! So when can we hook up?
    Shall we go to Fukuma and see Jon Soriano?
    You wanna come down to Paraestra?
    Let me know!

  2. Carl permalink
    August 21, 2008 3:48 pm

    yo, pat this is matt and jons friend carl. Graces bf. We live in Futsukaichi we got to kick it man. Email me when you get a chance on my ketai. I want to get some matts and set up some rolling. My friend lu just moved to futsu to and is a blue belt at axis. I am still junk and will get triangled but I will learn. haha. ok. or message grace.

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