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Teppo Ebi – September 1st

September 4, 2008

Getting used to the new work schedule and how it fits in with me updating my blog. Anyway on to the recap of that particular night.

It should be noted that I brought along Carl and his friends David and Lu. David is a newbie, never having done anything remotely close to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Lu is a newly minted blue belt by his own admission. I assumed that I’d be showing David a few techniques and drills but Carl and Lu took care of him so I started off the night not really thinking about my game.

That night it was a packed one. Almost everyone was there. And after a pretty successful run of escaping submissions and hardcore side control maintance, I should have known it was never going to last…

Everyone tapped me out. It was ridiculous. Made me feel like throwing my blue belt into a tub of bleach. I did nothing right. My side control escapes worked at 50%. My submission escapes were firing off at 30%. And whoever didn’t tap me out poured on the attempts so I was defending all of the time.

Here’s who I rolled with:

Carl – no-gi
Obversations – Carl is heavier than me and far more stronger. He stiff armed me as I was working a pass and just fell backwards. He caught me in an armbar from mount. My usual armbar escape didn’t work.

Observations – right from the handshake I got swept into mount and caught in an armbar. I pulled off my armbar escape but Tomo-kun won’t have it. He spun with me, re-adjusted and sunk it in deeper. Guess those armbar drills he does prior to sparring paid off. I gave up my back twice, got submitted twice.

Observations – the club’s Triangle King caught me in three triangles. One from a ridiculous scramble that I thought I was getting into side control, which ended up with me in a modified triangle. The next triangle was a clean one I didn’t bother fighting. The third was a triangle than transitioned into an armbar. Yea me.

Brent – no-gi
Observations – gotta love my boy Brent. Gave up my back, got smashed and choked out. Next was a guillotine, which I tried to defend. Brent adjusted and pulled off a Matt Hughes back arch that signaled his success with me tapping furiously.

Observations – pulled off a nice sweep to side control. It stayed that way until the time was up.

Observations – the resident Judo black belt caught me in a clean armbar. That was the only submission off the night that made me smile because it was an honest-to-goodness, technique-reigns-supreme submission. It put a smile on my face. The other submissions, those made me feel sucky.

Observations – Lu easily passed my guard and worked on a very ugly crucifix. Had time not run out he would have easily worked on another submission and probably would have got that one.

What I need to do:
I need to review everything. Especially all my guard submissions and sweeps. I need to drill them over and over again. I took note that everyone easily passed my guard and I can’t afford to let that happen on a regular basis or I’ll start to believe that I really do suck. (I don’t believe I suck yet. I know I’m better than this. I just believe that I have to work harder)

I need to work for something, anything while I’m in guard. I can’t be passive. Or just push away at random areas on my opponent’s body. I need to attack, work for a sweep or work towards closed or butterfly guard.

I’m always thinking, “Don’t let him pass, don’t let him pass.” I should be thinking, “Go for a sweep, look there’s an armbar, transition to that triangle, get the hooks/underhooks, go for a sweep…” I need to be non-stop looking for those openings and test them out. Now I think I’d rather get passed because I was attempting a technique than if I was trying to stop one.


Nothing like a whole bunch of failure to get the urge for more training going.

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  1. September 5, 2008 9:35 am

    Good attitude man!
    We all have off nights, it’s good that you managed to put your finger on what you were doing wrong.
    I had a bad night on Tuesday, and then last night it was all systems go. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell what I did differently.
    So when are you guys coming down to Paraestra? Let me know, please!

  2. September 10, 2008 3:47 pm

    Why thank you Matt!

    I have no clue either. How is it that one day we’re on our game and next we’re noobie city? Cause that’s how I always feel. I just know what I did wrong or right.

    And don’t worry, I’ll let you know about Paraestra. 😉

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