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Frustrated but okay

September 10, 2008

Sometimes Life gets to the back and sinks the hooks in
Do we tap out? Or work to escape?

I originally wanted to post this last week after the funk I was in after Monday’s session at Teppo Ebi but never got around to it. Now that I have time and moved past my low point, I thought it best to share it nonetheless.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a difficult martial art.

It’s not like, say, Judo or Kyokushin Karate. Those are tough, physically taxing arts. Not to say that there aren’t other martial arts as demanding as Judo or Kyokushin Karate. Nor am I saying that BJJ isn’t one of them.

Jiu-jitsu has a huge learning curve and it constantly presents problems to its practitioners. And because of that it will frustrate many, especially in the early stages of training.

As for myself, I’m super frustrated but it isn’t the point of this post.

The point is to move on and not dwell on the low periods – and, let me say, that I am in one of those periods now.

Keep Working Hard
Jiu-jitsu is one of those special martial arts that provide clear results. The thing is it needs hard work. Like learning a new language or practicing a musical instrument, the more work and time that’s put into it, the clearer the results will be. And hard work in training jiu-jitsu comprises many things: drilling, sparring, conditioning, learning new techniques, sharpening those fundamental skills, they’re all a part of the big picture.

Don’t Give Up
There are legitimate reasons to stop training; health reasons are probably one of the more significant ones, but giving up is something completely different. If you give up, it probably means you didn’t want it badly enough. And if you didn’t want it badly enough then it probably means that it really wasn’t that important to you anyway.

Be Passionate
Which brings me to my point; jiu-jitsu lifestyle and everything aside, it’s passion that will pull us through despite the times of frustration and the evitable low points we’ll encounter. This can be applied to virtually everything else in our lives. We should never ask for anything less. Some of us have full complicated lives and it would be a shame if we never have a moment devoted to fun. We all need to have fun, to have that one thing we go crazy about, that thing that we feel passionate about in our lives. For some it’s photography or blogging. For others it’s the latest Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction update. Woohoo indeed.

For myself, that’s exactly what jiu-jitsu does for me. It provides me my outlet for fun and it’s one of the many things I’m passionate about in my life. You can be sure I’m in it for the long haul even if its a pain in the ass now.

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  1. Carl permalink
    September 17, 2008 4:04 pm

    Pat , you are a great coach and happy to have you with my journey to being a better white belt. I look forward to the next time to roll. Cheer up man and work that escape.

  2. September 19, 2008 1:15 pm

    Thanks, Carl. I don’t think I’m much of a coach as I am a training partner. And, of course, you’ll have lots of friends and teammates helping you reach your next level.

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