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September 16, 2008

Working as an English teacher in Japan can be very frustrating.

But at the same time (not really at the same time, more like once in a great while) it can be a very fun job. The kids make me laugh either by doing or saying something funny. Sometimes it’s the English within the Japanese Ministry of Education approved textbooks that are hilarious.

Today it was this…

That is NOT my handwriting

Believe it or not, this is from a group of flashcard questions meant to engage the students (ages 13-15) in English conversation. I thought it was funny in that drinking-spoiled-milk-then-asking-someone-else-to-drink-it-to-prove-it’s-spoiled way.

Kinda like watching guys here in Japan light up right after their tournament matches. Or like the one white belt in Teppo Ebi who takes a smoke break every 15 minutes. Or like learning a grappling art and focusing only on the submissions (the teaching method for grappling when I was at Yuushinkai).

Or maybe it’s like a jiu-jitsu black belt asking a white belt, “Do you enjoy getting submitted? Why?”

Either way it’s a reminder not to take things so seriously and not to put things ahead of themselves.

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