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Paraestra – Oct 7th

October 8, 2008

Went to Paraestra on Tuesday with Carl and Seth (who both trained the night before and worked out a few hours earlier), said hi to Matt, did not really have a chance to chat with him because there was a full house and a half that night.

There was about two jiu-jitsu practitioners for every Shooto player. Half the space at Paraestra is given to Shooto, so space is limited, which makes sparring all that much more valuable.

Important Jiu-jitsu Tip of the Day
Make the best use of your time whenever you train, because, unless you’re a professional fighter, we all have limited chances to roll.

Highlights of the session:

  • Signed up for Paraestra.
  • Forgot my blue belt at home, wondered if I should strap on a loaner blue, but was given a white belt by Tomari-sensei. He said, “it’s brand new”
  • Got called out by Matt on the white belt tied on around my waist. I smiled and told him gotta do what sensei says.
  • Learned a nifty new choke from bottom half guard that could turn into a sweep.
  • Stayed in for the last five minutes in a ten minute round robin, frustrated everyone I rolled with, Tomari-sensei gave me my due by comforting everyone in my round robin circle, he said to them “he’s really blue belt”
  • Rolled with Tomari-sensei and escaped from an armbar (yes!) only to give up my back and get body triangled (knew it couldn’t last long), the only reason I got out of it was because Tomari-sensei let it go to avoid getting my head stepped on by a Shooto guy (thanks, Shooto guy!) We reset, I got swept and then —
  • Got my fingers sprained by Carl. Being the gentleman that he is, Carl rushed over to stand in-between Tomari-sensei and I, and another sparring pair. Unfortunately his foot collided with the hand I posted on and ouch. I’d like to thank Carl for saving me from Tomari-sensei by cutting my session short but it could have been handled a little bit differently.

my normal left hand

bottom knuckle on the ring finger – nice

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  1. October 9, 2008 9:16 pm

    Yeah dude, sorry we didn’t get to chat much. I really wanted to help all the new guys (and be able to help someone in English), so I was talking to all your buddies. Let’s definitely have a roll next time.

    When it is full like that it can be difficult to get a good roll in. Honestly though it is rarely that busy, and if it is, you can just be pushy and volunteer for the roll!

    Shame about your botched first roll with Tomari-san. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity in future to get choked, armbarred and knee-ridden into spluttering unconsciousness by him in future!

    Monday looks doable dude. Let me know.

    If (big if, this just popped into my head) you want to… don’t know if it is logistically possible or what but anyway… on Monday afternoon from 4 to 6 is a judo meet with a few people from BJJ at a high school not far from my place. Followed by a bite to eat somewhere. If you’re interested I could see if you can come along… anyway give me a mail.


  1. Martial Farts » bjj oct 7 gaijin invasion continues!

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