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Teppo Ebi – Oct 6th

October 8, 2008

All in a day’s work

As well as the usual members, the Judo Hall that Teppo Ebi rents out was full of new visitors, two new white belts and lots of gaijin – myself, Brent, Carl, Seth and Steve (who happens to be a black belt in Judo).

Did the usual warm-ups, then drilled a few old and new moves with Brent.

Old move Drill
Bottom side control gets to knees > top goes to submit with guillotine or Peruvian necktie > reset

New move Drill
Side control sweep ala Machado Bros.

Didn’t roll much. Didn’t feel like pushing myself as I was sick last week and the next day I’d be going to Paraestra.

My overall performance
What I did badly: didn’t capitalize on openings for submissions.
What I did right: every submission that I tapped out to I gave one in return, which is a big thing for me because I never did that before.

Highlights of the session

  • Teaching Peruvian neckties to Carl, Seth and Steve. And watching them almost choke each other out.
  • Seeing Kimura-san (Teppo Ebi’s own BJ Penn – crazy flexible legs) slap two Kimuras on Shimosako-san (one of the top blue belts). In a row.
  • Slow rolling with new white belt, while he goes balls out, and still be able to overwhelm him.
  • Helping out Brent with a passing problem, giving him concepts to work on (passing guard is going over the legs or under and around the legs, if you can’t go one way, go the other way), helping him with his timing and urging him to follow through with the technique.
  • Rolling with Brent’s Teppo Ebi nemesis, Hiromatsu-kun, playing Brent’s game, and showing Brent that yes he can pass Hiromatsu’s guard easily. Just gotta stick to the plan.
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