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Paraestra – Oct 14th

October 15, 2008

Night of the Sore Joints

Whereas the last time I went to Paraestra Hakata there were a billion gaijin (plus just as many Japanese) jumping around bouncing off the walls, this time however it was just me and Philippe representing all things foreign. Or just the people with funny accents speaking in Japanese with a love for rolling around in the gi. Oh, and two other Japanese white belts. And Tamori-sensei.

So, on with the training session recap.

10 minute Round Robin Highlights

  • Swept everyone I rolled with except Philippe.
  • Threatened to pass Philippe’s guard when it was my turn to jump in, would have gotten his back except he did a bronco buck and sent me 5 meters into the air finally crashing into the CD rack – and you think I’m kidding…
  • Somehow I hurt my wrist in the process of rolling with Phillippe and tweaked my right hand ring finger again (despite using a meter of wrestling tape to secure my weak fingers) they started to scream at me via my pain receptors “WHY ARE YOU USING US?! WE HURT! STOP TRYING TO PUSH AWAY AT THE BIG ROMANIAN GUY! HE’S TEN TIMES YOUR SIZE!” – I didn’t listen to them and went for two more rounds of sparring (my wrist and fingers plus my knees are still hurting – I’m getting old)

Open Sparring

Who I rolled against: Three Stripe White Belt Who Came For the Ten O’clock Class Didn’t Bother to Roll in the Round Robin (against Philippe) But Decided to Roll Against the Small Blue Belt (me)
What I did Badly: gave up my back and didn’t bother to escape, got submitted with 20 seconds left on the clock (Grr moment no.1)
What I did Right (sort of): tried for a guillotine, a rolling collar choke, a submission to use if a body triangle is placed on you – dude fought all my submission attempts

Who I rolled against: Big White Belt
What I did Badly: spent from the Round Robin and the previous round and with my wrist and fingers in pain mode, I would get passed and not bother to escape, got a dominant position in a scramble and lost it (Grr moment no.2 and a reminder that I’m still the small guy, no wait, Tomari-sensei got me beat on that, but he’s the black belt so it doesn’t count)
What I did Right: kept the shape of my teeth (didn’t want flat teeth so I tapped out from a collar choke that wasn’t choking me, then reminded myself to wear my mouth guard)

Overall Observations

  • Everyone passes my guard in the same way; open guard, stand back, grips in place and circle around. Proof my open guard sucks and that I need to work on bringing them in closer. Or trying for half guard.
  • Everyone has an automatic “get to your knees” response. I’ll pass guard and they’re already on their knees, as if they were always on their knees. It was mind boggling and it made me pause, admire their skill and it was probably why a lot of times they’d get me get the advantage over me.
  • I need to work on my timing.
  • I’m settling for being in bottom side position and not working to get out of it so much.
  • I need to remember I can’t fight strength vs strength. I found myself working hard against Philippe and the Big White Belt, most times using force against force. At those points I gave up and let them overpower me, gotta find a “path of least resistance”

I also got to know Tomari-sensei a lot better. He’s friendly, open and enjoys what he does. He’s also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to jiu-jitsu. For instance; he was spot on about my jiu-jitsu instructor in Hawaii when I told him who gave me my belt. Yikes! Then he noticed my gi and said it brought back memories of when he first started training. I have a Machado gi and it’s one of the older gi companies out there. Double yikes!

He then went on to talk about winning a competition at the black belt level, mostly at the mundials. He’s only gotten one medal at his level so far. I doubt it’s to feed his ego or boost his school’s rep, instead I believe it’s a way to test himself.

Technique Corner (more for my benefit, you can stop reading if you find technique explanations boring)

Open Guard – Standing Passes (from Marcelo Garcia) w/ submissions


  • Grips on collar near collarbone and gi pants next to knee (palm to knee); plant weight on both grips
  • Step over leg with gi pants grip, far leg steps over as well, plant nearside shoulder on partner’s solar plexus (sag and contour); gi pants grip pushes leg away
  • Let go of grips, hands box out partner’s hips, pass guard
  • Ver.2
    Same as ver.1, but partner defends with a hook on your farside leg

  • Point knee TOWARDS the hook, push down with your leg
  • Circle your leg from the knee on down to escape the hook; short quick circle, like stepping around the hook, then proceed to pass like ver.1
  • Ver.3
    Same as ver.1 but hook is deep and cannot escape

  • Rotate trapped leg and the other leg to point your ass in the same direction as your partner’s head is pointing
  • Nearside leg (previously the hooked leg) should be parallel to partner’s legs, push into partner with hips and legs; SIT on your partner
  • Partner shrimps away, establish position, pass guard
  • *note: with the grips you have you can rock bottom guard back and forth to upset balance and use that to pass guard easier

    Submissions from top side control (reverse kesa gatame) opponent fishes for nearside underhook

    Regular Kimura

    Bail on the regular Kimura, step over (as if to mount) pinch opponent’s arm with legs (nearside knee on mat, farside knee is up, trapping arm in the space between leg with the knee up and your body), point farside knee across opponent and to the ground (this pinches the arm even more so), submit like a straight foot lock
    *note: foot as high up as possible, body as far forward as possible

    Bail on the regular Kimura and the knee up Kimura to a lean over straight armbar from mount

    2 Comments leave one →
    1. October 18, 2008 8:26 am

      Nice writeup.
      Nice to hear about the skill of Paraestra members!! That pass is Tomari san’s staple pass. Break the guard, stand up, then pin the legs and step around. We all use that one a lot.
      Hate those times when you get sucked into strength against strength battles. Makes you feel wimpy and useless because you just can’t match them.
      I believe the best Tomari-san got so far was a bronze or silver at the mundials. He has won one or two comps in Brazil, whether they were regional or national I don’t know, and kicked butt on his way up the ranks in Japan. But that international gold seems to elude him. Not that he needs me to make excuses for him, but when you look at who he is fighting against and their training partners (Caio Terra and American Top Team, Felipe Costa and all the good people from Brasa, etc.), and then look at Tomari-san who is rolling around with us lot most of the year, it’s not surprising…

    2. October 22, 2008 1:30 am

      Yeah, I’m officially on the Tomari-sensei cheering section.

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