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Paraestra – Oct 21st

October 22, 2008

At Paraestra we went over knee-on-the-belly, which I despise with a passion. It was that position that sidelined me back in Hawaii with a pulled muscle. I didn’t complain though and actually told my training partner to put more weight on me. Then we went over a standard submission from knee-on-the-belly (which I knew) then a modified straight armbar from a Marcelo side-control style submission, followed by a nifty combo attack that could go either way. Kimura > armbar. Armbar > Kimura. Nice.

Some notes for the techniques:

  • Hug like heck for the armbar.
  • Push the Kimura out there, keep base high but keep hips like the kesa gatame (so you can hook their head with your nearside leg), pinch.
  • Modified Marcelo straight armbar – knee pinch like modified Marcelo Kimura, wrap around partner’s wrist trapping it in the crook of your arm (like a headlock), pinch arm, clasp hands and arch back to submit.
  • Rolled with Tomari-sensei twice and Ide-san. Here’s their assessment of my jiu-jitsu skills:

  • I have trouble with knee-on-the-belly.
  • I leave myself way too open to guillotines and chokes from the knees.
  • I’m too high and leave lots of gaps open when I’m passing guard.
  • Their tips for improving:

  • Go for half-guard, de la vera guard, x-guard or some other fancy guard to stop or stall standing passes.
  • Posture, posture, posture.
  • Collapse arms with my legs and weight, point knees in towards hooks and if stuck do the Marcelo knee circle (lots of details in the three passes I learned last time that can be used in a general basic manner)
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    1. December 1, 2008 11:00 am

      I second your opinion of knee on belly. I hate that position but I”m terrible at defending it so that’s probably why. Still nursing a separated rib from my last attempts at defending one.
      Good tips you gave. Thanks

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