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Teppo Ebi – Oct 20th

October 22, 2008

Teppo Ebi – Oct 20th

Another full house at Kurume’s Teppo Ebi. Carl, Seth and Brent were there as well as the usual suspects.

As for myself I worked on a side control escape drill, showed off the new passes and submissions I learned at Paraestra and worked back escape drills for about 10 minutes with Brent cause he deadlifts more than twice his body weight easy and I told him not to go easy on me. It was refreshing because I knowingly placed myself in one of the worst possible situations in jiu-jitsu so tapping didn’t matter as much as it would have if we were rolling and he got my back from my ineptitude.

I didn’t spar much, it was actually more fun to watch other people roll.


  • Once again the resident jiu-jitsu ninja, Kimura-san, does his namesake submission against both resident double stripe blues.
  • Brent and Carl in a collar choke race – both had deep chokes in; both were turning red; it was only a matter of who would tapout first. Wish I had my camera.
  • Everyone trained hard and it made me happy. Guess that’s the teacher in me wanting others to succeed.

I love training, whether it be at Teppo Ebi or Paraestra Hakata, so no matter what I’ll be hogging up mat space. Probably the only time I’d be off the mat is if I’m not there (duh). I’ve trained at places were people are mat-shy and they stay away from the open sparring sessions. That night it was at least a good 45 minutes of open mat, and everyone did outstanding jobs of making use of the opportunity to spar.

Actually the real reason I was happy was because of Carl. I haven’t been much a coach to him (although he’ll say I am) but I was definitely proud of him. He jumped in there and rolled with just about everyone, non-stop, and it was clear that he definitely improved skill wise. Submissions were traded and it was pretty cool to see that. Unfortunately he compared his conditioning to the hardcore white belts who make it a point to continuously roll and thus have a higher endurance than most in Teppo Ebi, myself included.

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