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Keep on training pt.2

October 29, 2008

How the Japanese spell relief

From left to right: ibuprofen in Japanese pill form, sticky “icy hot” patches (there were seven to begin with, I opened this in August), and spray on “icy hot” (it goes from cool to tingly to ooo, that’s nice and hot).

If there’s one thing that can be said about the Japanese is that they know how to make pain bearable. Cause they know life is pain. And if pain can be dealt with you can still go to work and function even though you had hard back-to-back jiu-jitsu training sessions and show up to work moving like a zombie. I think that’s the basis of all Japanese medicine, to get you well enough to keep working.

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  1. October 29, 2008 10:27 pm

    Damn straight. Look at Sakuraba, the human mummy. I think if you unravelled all the taping he hobbles out with at fights you’d just find a few bones and organs.

    I’m feeling it today: hard BJJ followed by hard Judo. Things are creaking, crunching, and aching. The good thing about this feeling, for me anyway, is I know that if I take a few days off and let my body recover fully, when I next go to training, I will have incrementally increased my overall toughness and experience. So it’s all good.

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