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Road to the Kyushu Open – Motivation

November 7, 2008

After two days of training jiu-jitsu in a row, and playing chase master with the kids at the elementary school I’m teaching where I was the sole target (you try running away from 40 kids on a playground full of them), I felt like going home yesterday and skipping my mini-Thursday-workout to take a nap.

Then I read this. It’s a new article by Ross Enamait and it got me motivated to head over to the gym and complete one of my “what’s the skinny guy doing?” routines (part of it is doing 20 knee tucks before I crank out a set of deadlifts) instead of my usual mini-workout.

That’s what I love about Ross, one of his many motivational messages is a bare bones “work hard and the results will come” mantra. That the difference between competitor and champion lies within – it’s our drive, our passion, our commitment to training that will make us champions (not a belt around our waist).

From the article:

Training is like many things in life. You get what you put into it. The intensity that is put forth is entirely up to you, and must come from within.

Ross is right. We have nowhere else to look but inside. We decide whether or not we want to dig deep and fight on. We make the difference ourselves.

And that’s why I passed on taking a nap to drive an hour and a half round trip to workout for only thirty minutes. Because come competition time, no one else is going to win the match for me.

Also, I looked back at an old post before going into the summer Kyushu Open and saw my game plan was to get to the back and get a submission, that didn’t happen in the actual match but glad to know it follows the same train of thought Robert Drysdale has when he competes no-gi.

What is the train of thought? Get to the back, get a submission. But for the most part it’s go for the submission. It’s a simple, bare bones mantra.

So the goal is not get a win, but get a submission. Isn’t that what tournaments are for?

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